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Break the Love
Break the Love

How to Make Your Own Pickleball Court in 3 Easy Steps

Ever wanted to play pickleball but didn’t have access to a court? One of the great things about pickleball is it can be played almost anywhere. With a few simple materials and our handy guide, you’ll be well on your way to setting up a court that you can enjoy for years to come.

Step 1: Dimensions

Pickleball Court Dimensions

The first step to DIY-ing your own pickleball court is to know the proper dimensions. For outdoor courts, use sidewalk chalk to draw out the lines. For indoor courts, use Frog Green Tape or Painter’s Tape. Feel free to screenshot and use this page as a guide when you’re ready.

Step 2: Netting

Pickleball Net Diagram

A pickleball net can be made out of any mesh material that prevents a ball from passing through. It should be at least 21ft 9in long and 30in wide. If you find yourself on a tennis court, be mindful that a tennis net is both taller and wider than a pickleball net. Alternatively, you can buy a net and use Step 1 to outline the court. You can find many great net options online.

Step 3: The Rules

Once your court is complete, you’re ready to enjoy a great round of pickleball! New to pickleball and want to learn the rules? We’ve covered all the basics and rules you need to get started!

Don’t Want to Go Through the Hassle of Setting Up a Court?

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Break the Love
Break the Love