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Learn the sport through group lessons, train for the sport through rallies, compete through tournaments, or experience unique connections through getaways — everywhere from parks & clubs to the middle of the mountains with the help of our passionate pros there to ensure you have a great experience every step of the way.

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Break the Love's founder Trisha Goyal

Break the Love's story started with one Google search made by Break the Love founder and CEO Trisha Goyal who moved to a new place and wanted to start playing tennis again as a way to connect with new people and play more regularly after taking a hiatus from it as a busy working adult.

She spent several hours searching across lots of websites for players to play with and places to play. She thought it would be simple to find that through a club and after dozens of phone calls she realized that all of the options were either inconvenient to schedule, expensive, or had outdated values.

Frustrated and unfulfilled by what was being offered around her, she created Break the Love, initially as a meetup, where she started to organize group based tennis activities with people she connected with at local parks & clubs.

A few months into running her meetup the community grew and at the time, in New York she found that most players & enthusiasts didn't play tennis because it was either inconvenient to find both similar leveled players & courts or it was too expensive for them to start learning as a beginner through private lessons.

With this fact combined with her frustration from her own experience, Trisha set out to build a tech platform to help people get out and play tennis, connect with others through the sport, and learn the sport in a fun & convenient way through group based tennis activities.

She had built a basic version of Break the Love in 2019 and since then has grown into one of the most comprehensive resources & community for discovering and booking high quality and unique group based tennis activities to learn, train, or compete powered by passionate organizers & tennis pros.

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