Over 140k users on Break the Love are looking for a place to play… so why not share your space with them?

The future of club management is BreakOS – where managing your venue becomes as enjoyable as the game itself.

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BreakOS is easy to use and free of charge.
No Hidden Fees, ever.

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We’ll take care of the players for you so you have peace of mind, whether they’re looking to cancel, reschedule, or have any questions about your courts!


Break OS

  • Free email and social media marketing
  • Exclusive access to our demand engine
  • 24/7 Concierge Service that manages bookings, cancellations, rescheduling, and more
  • You make 100% of what you earn through us– no extra hidden fees. 
  • Worry-free Protection Guarantee with up to $5M (COI)
  • Access to corporate benefits such as Walmart and American Express
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Break OS

  • Track bookings, check-in players, cancel reservations, & more, all through BreakOS
  • Customer download feature to track every player that’s booked at your venue
  • Create reservations, programs, and blackout dates

Some of the brands we work with...

We work with corporate partners to provide benefit-based offerings, such as free court reservations. If your venue qualifies to list inventory, you’ll get access to new audiences, events, in-kind donations from product sponsors, & more!

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We're powering partners like...

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How much does it cost to list a court on Break the Love?

It’s completely free to list a court on Break the Love.

Is there a fee to use BreakOS?

BreakOS is completely free to use, and all venues and court partners are automatically provided access to the BreakOS system when they join Break the Love. Our system provides access to all the tech features. No fiers, no frills, no nonsense!

What info do I need to provide to Break the Love to get my venue on the site?

Court schedule, programs (if applicable), photos of your venue!

Is Break the Love an app?

While we’re not an app just yet, we are web-responsive and mobile-friendly. A majority of our venue partners actually use a mobile device or tablet to access BreakOS.

How and when will I get paid for reservations?

You make 100% of what you earn through us- so if you charge $20 for a court reservation and it gets booked, you get $20 directly from us. Our secure payment processing platform will pay your venue on a recurring schedule.

Are there any fees associated with Break the Love?

Our fees are strictly consumer facing, with a small booking fee for customers at checkout.

Do I have to list all of my court times? Can I just provide off-peak times if we want more exposure to get those reserved?

Nope, you can list whatever times you'd like on Break the Love. If you ever need to add or remove a time, were happy to make these changes for you anytime.

Our court times are always filled. Can I list just programs or league registration on Break the Love?

Absolutely! We specialize in listing clinics or group offerings for our users.

What if I have more than one venue?

The more the merrier! Each venue will have its own Venue Partner Page on Break the Love. And don't sweat- we will help you set up each and every page.

How do we benefit from allowing Break the Love members into our venue?

There are so many ways your venue can expand and grow with us! We'll help you fill your court times and programs. If you offer memberships, our users are more likely to convert to your Club if they have the opportunity to continuously play there.