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Easier than ever to play tennis in NYC Parks. Get $10 off this season's permit with code WILSON10. Access over 700 NYC public courts today!
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The Permit AdvantageWith over 700 public courts in NYC, getting a permit through Break The Love x Wilson is the most accessible and affordable way to play tennis from April, through November. Permits are the best way to get on the court, whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been playing for years.
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Start playing now with WilsonSign up for a free Break the Love account, and get a complimentary VIP ticket to an event of your choice - Beginner Class [$45 value], or Pickleball Basics [$10 value]! While you still need a permit to play on NYC Parks, our partners at Wilson are working to make the sport of tennis as accessible as possible this season.Redeem now
Unlock Wilson RewardsWhen you come into the Wilson Store in NY and purchase and show your Break the Love x Wilson permit, you get:
20% off Wilson Flagship Store
Free racquet rentals
How to get a Permit
  1. Complete the form
  2. Keep track of your permit’s status
  3. Receive your physical permit copy within 2-3 weeks and start playing

Get your permit
Break down the Permit Cost
Tennis Permit TypesOriginalWith WILSON10
(AGE <18)
(AGE 18-61)
(AGE 18-61)
(AGE 62+)
In the meantimeWhile you wait for your permit to come in the mail, explore and join our other Clubs! Our clubs are not only in NYC, but nationwide, free to join, and the best way to make new friends based on the things you love!