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Why is warming-up important?

In the tennis community, there is always a common question that is asked. Is it necessary to warm-up and why is it important? We are here to answer those questions today with hopes that you will understand the benefits of warming-up and how taking those extra minutes before you begin your tennis practice or match can get you a long way.

For starters, warming-up, in general, is something that many players avoid. According to Maria Sharapova, a former number one player and grand-slam champion “Players just want to start hitting some balls but they make a mistake by doing so because it is of extreme importance to stretch and activate those muscles.. “She shares her perspective on the importance of warming-up.

Emphasizing how your core should be properly stretched. Your core is the center of where you transfer your strength when you play. Is where you get your balance to stand the shots and being such a specific muscle it is very important that it is activated properly in order to avoid any future injuries. On that note, we agree with Miss Sharapova that it is vital to take the time to get your body going. Now let us break it down for you and give you some guidance on this topic.

Why is it necessary to warm up?

An easy answer to this question would be that you have to but I don’t think you would like to hear that. We will go into more detail by saying that it is important because every single muscle is being used in tennis. It is vital that the player warms up their upper body and lower body adequately. If you want to avoid any future injuries the player must take the time to warm up their body.

What does an effective warm-up do?

An effective warm-up has three essential results: Increases your body temperature which allows your muscles to work smoothly Gets your lungs and heart pumping and ready for vigorous exercise Wakes up the nervous system and gets your brain active by sending the right signals to your muscles

What exercises can I do to warm-up?

Here is our recommended list of exercises to get your body ready:

Jogging at a low pace Carioca (shoulders square, rotate from hips down) Knee-to Chest Tuck (make sure you maintain proper posture) Lunge with reach back (focus on balance) Side shuffle (Push off inside leg, swing arms across body) Leg swings (Forward, Backward, and side - 10 times each) Sprint 50/75/100% (Make sure you have proper running form)

Remember you do not have to do all of the exercises listed but at least implement some in your dynamic warm-up and remember to end with a cool-down stretch in order to get your body back into a recovery state after an explosive tennis session.

If you need more warm-up exercises click here to see how to do them yourself from our in-house pros! Now go rock that warm-up with a big smile because you are being professional just like the best players in the world.

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