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Break the Love
What Do I String My Racquet at Based on My Playing Style?

Let’s just start off by saying that string tension is all a personal preference! There is no “right” string tension and it’s important to experiment and find a string tension that works best for your playing style. # The Range

String tension ranges from as low as 30 pounds to as high as 70+ pounds!


Strings also play an important factor in selecting a desired tension.

Natural Gut, Synthetic Gut, or Multifilament String

Look at the recommended string tension range on your racquet and select a number somewhere in the middle.

Polyester or Kevlar

We recommend stringing this racquet 2 pounds below the recommended tension range.

If you feel like you need an adjustment, here are a couple tips to keep in mind for racquet tension.

Lowering your tension

By lowering your string tension, you enable more power and open up the sweet-spot of your racquet. A softer string bed functions like a trampoline. When the ball comes in contact with the strings, the rebound effect will be greater which will provide more speed and power in your shots.

Increasing your tension

Increasing string tension allows for more control of the ball. A higher string bed reduces the rebound effect, providing you with a more accurate and stable hitting surface.

While often overlooked, string tension is one of many variables that can help step up your game to the next level. We hope this helps you find your perfect string tension!

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Break the Love
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