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Break the Love
Break the Love
Best Workouts with a Hitting Wall

Hitting against a wall can un-tap a world of fun wall hitting exercises that can help you improve your game & get a great workout. We have our top 2 favorite routines that are fun and can help you practice for tennis season without needing a partner!

Forehand and slice

Yes, you can do both. A fun exercise that helps you change speed is forehand and slice. This exercise consists of doing one forehand and one slice. First, give yourself time and pace by starting slowly and close to the wall. Then if you feel confident starting hitting it faster and try to add more spice to it by doing two forehands and one slice or two slice and one forehand. Mix up the combinations in the way that you enjoy and are challenged the most. We’re all about trying new things and we know this exercise is a fun option to have in the back of your mind.


A fun way to practice your volleys is by either hitting them slowly at the wall or just hitting the volley downward in a way that bounces off. Not only is this a fun way to practice your volleys. It also keeps you on your toes and allows you to enjoy a different stroke while moving fast. Pro tip, if you get comfortable doing forehand volleys and backhands volleys separately then combine both. Do one backhand and one forehand volley. Let us know how that challenge goes too! # Serve and return Get a good active session by adding this amazing combination. A fun exercise like practicing your serve and return can make you feel excited because you will be reacting so quickly to every shot. This will improve your hand-eye coordination which we know is a one of the most basic struggles in the game but by doing this fun serve and return exercise you will be able to excel at your highest potential. We want to see you get there with a big smile and enjoying the process. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

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Break the Love
Break the Love

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