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Top Reasons to Play Paddle

As Summer comes to an end, we are starting to prepare for winter and a part of preparing is thinking about how we are going to play more tennis. One of the ways that we are starting to have fun with is Paddle. You might have heard of pickleball or padel but paddle tennis is a bit different. It takes all the best parts of doubles and the fun of outdoor team sports and combines it into a great outdoor sport during all four seasons.

Myth: Paddle is Pickleball

Break the Love Paddle Tennis

These days, there are just so many rackets or paddle games it can be easy to confuse yourself which is which? While they seem somewhat similar, these games are different from one another. The key difference is one that separates the games and how they can be played. While tennis paddle can be textured or sometimes have holes, pickleball has to be completely smooth. Another key difference is that pickleball uses a small plastic ball that appears similar to a wiffle ball. These balls have holes and are usually lightweight.

Paddle tennis balls are depressurized tennis balls made of rubber and are more dense making it faster paced. Now that we got those key differences out of the way we can talk about the benefits of paddle tennis.

How does scoring work in Paddle?

Paddle uses the same scoring system as tennis. Six games are needed to win a set and the team which wins two sets wins the game. A game is scored exactly the same as in tennis, i.e. 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, advantage, deuce, etc. If a set reaches a 6/6 draw, there is a tie-breaker as in tennis.

It is important to highlight that paddle has become in recent times the coolest sport with the fastest-growing international scene (and is commonly spelled padel abroad). There are many factors that make this sport so fun, but did you know the main benefits of paddle? Here are the seven benefits of paddle.

1. It is a sport for all ages

It does not matter if you are young or if you start practicing it with more age, paddle adapts to the characteristics of its players and that can be easily practiced at any age. It is you who marks the level of the game and you will always find players of the same level with who you can practice or compete.

2. Eliminates stress

Yes, you heard it right it eliminates stress. Day to day causes us to accumulate some concerns, work to be done or even pending tasks. Playing paddle will allow you to find the perfect formula to disconnect from the outside world. Between four walls it will only be your partners and you. Even if it is a match. Paddle will help you not to think about something else and by result allow you to fully disconnect from worries.

3. Improve your coordination and reflexes for tennis

If you are playing tennis while also doing paddle this is amazing for you. We all know about the importance of hand-eye coordination. Paddle is a sport of coordination and reflexes so with each practice you will be able to work on these qualities, which will improve other areas of your life.

4. Forget those weather predictions

In Europe Paddle is played both indoors and outdoors but what’s great is that in the U.S. we have taken the sport and made it such that it can be played outdoors all year round. Therefore, the weather will not prevent you from practicing your favorite sport outdoors even in the winter! You just need to pull out some of your base layers from ski season and you can go outdoors & play!

5. Tone the muscles

Like all sports, the practice of paddle will help you achieve lean and toned muscles, especially on the legs and buttocks, although the arms, waist and will be strengthened greatly since you will be moving constantly.

6. Helps strengthen the heart

Paddle is an aerobic exercise, so, like all exercises of this form, doing it in a moderate way will help you strengthen your heart and keep it healthy. Bonus, it will help you feel fit and fatigue less in your daily activities.

Now it is the time to get started with paddle and share with us your experience. Let us know your personal benefits with paddle and of course, send us your best shot.

7. It is fun & fast-paced

Being such a social sport, paddle is very fun. From the first point to the last regardless of your level. Paddle will allow you to laugh and enjoy at all times.

By: Ana G Canahuate - Break the Love Pro

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