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Top 5 Tennis Tips for Beginners

Tennis is not just a form of exercise — it’s a way to get to know yourself and others in a different way. Tennis is a lifelong sport that can be picked up at any age, which is what makes it a great activity for all to play. If you’re new to tennis though, starting out can feel a bit intimidating, so we have created this guide to make sure your introduction to the sport that we love is super fun for you to get into. Once you get the basics down you can start Breaking Love with any of our verified coaches or classes! # 1. Make sure you pack your tennis shoes You cannot get started without packing the right gear. Aside from your racquet you have to make sure you are wearing tennis sneakers or non-mark sneakers. The reason courts and tennis clubs will prevent you from playing if you do not have tennis sneakers is because other sneakers with markings on the bottom can ruin the surface of the tennis courts. We promise, they aren't trying to be mean and we know how intimidating it can be if you don't have the right tennis sneakers so make sure to pack them. Not sure what tennis sneakers to buy? DM our team on Instagram and our Pros can help you find exactly the right fit for you in your budget.

2. Eat and hydrate before and after!

We know everyone always says this even before your Spin classes but it couldn't be more true with tennis. Tennis is a full body workout and in order to perform at your best, eating an energy bar or snack and water before and after is important. We recommend to eat a bite an hour before and 30 minutes after to replenish.

3. Dynamically stretch!

For most sports you might do things like lunges and arm stretches. In tennis, those stretches are called static stretches and are important to do but what must be done for another 5-10 minutes before you start playing are dynamic stretches. Typically an instructor will make you do these dynamic stretches anyways, but if for some reason they don't, do not be afraid to ask him or her to teach you a few dynamic stretches for you to do on your own to warm up to reduce any risk of injury. Many players do suffer from injury when they do not dynamically stretch. To learn more about dynamic stretching, check out our top picks here.

4. Pace yourself.

Even though tennis isn't necessarily like a race or a hike, there are pauses that you should take full advantage of in order to pace yourself to bring maximum energy to each of the sections you have to hit (whether it be through a match, rally, or drills depending on your level). Drink some water in between those breaks and stretch anything that feels tight so you can maximize the time you have on the court!

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

If you are a just starting, your goal is to learn which means that if something doesn't make sense you should ask your instructor! If you don't feel comfortable asking questions from your instructor or the friend you are playing with, we recommend finding another class or private coach where you can ask questions. Tennis is hard. There is a lot of technique that you have to learn to be able to play and not injure yourself in the process but once you learn it, the sport really becomes a lifelong way for you to stay active, meet new friends, compete, and learn more about yourself in ways beyond what other experiences can truly teach you.

On that note, if you have any questions or are looking for a private coach do not be afraid to ask by sliding into our DMs here. Our Pro team loves helping new beginners get started!

**All photos in this post are originally taken by Break the Love. *

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