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Break the Love
Break the Love
Rest & Recovery

You played hard & you are starting to feel the pain settle in the next day. It's time for you to recover so you can keep on playing. Here's the scoop on what all of the Pros do to sustain 6 hours of training, 6 out of 7 days a week and perform on the court.

At home massages


Giving yourself massages is something the pros are all about! We even see it in Serena's must-have's Amazon list, from something as basic as foam rolling which you can find at almost any gym to massage guns to really get that soreness out. Who said you have to drop $100 per massage to get a good one.

Ice baths


Coco Gauff let us in on her ice bath routine on Tik Tok and it was then and there that we realized all of the pros rely on it. While an ice bath sounds like the complete opposite of some R&R, try an ice bath followed by a hot bubble bath and you have yourself cryotherapy and an infrared sauna without even having to leave your house. The feeling after is enough to make you refueled to conquer a potentially tough upcoming work week.



Even though it requires movement - a Vinyasa flow can really help you mentally clear your head while of course getting that sweat in. It is easy to do in your home in front of a smart TV and some dim lighting or you can make your way to any yoga studio to get into a calm state of mind.

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Break the Love
Break the Love

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