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March 17th 2023
March 17th 2023

Where to Find a Pickleball League Near You

Once you’ve mastered the basics of pickleball, you’ll be looking for new opportunities to improve your game and challenge yourself. After a while, you might find yourself asking, “Where can I find pickleball leagues near me?”

In this guide, we go over everything you’ll need to know to find a great pickleball league near you. Read on for our recommendations and the best places to find your preferred play spot!

How to Find Pickleball Leagues Near You

Playing pickleball with a variety of players is one of the best ways to improve your game. Leagues are one of the best ways to do this!

Once you’re ready for league competition, it’s important to look broadly to find the best option for you.

There are many wonderful resources online, in local communities & clubs, and in pickleball groups. Below we’ve covered the best places to look for pickleball leagues. Let’s get right into it!

1. USA Pickleball

USA Pickleball Logos

We’ve got to put USA Pickleball at the top of this list. USA Pickleball is the official governing body of pickleball in the United States, and their website has plenty of resources for both new and seasoned pickleball players.

If you head to their pickleball clubs page, you’ll find plenty of links to pickleball clubs across the US and Canada that provide plenty of playing opportunities and leagues that you can join.

Also, their pickleball regions page is an excellent resource for finding regional pickleball play around the country. Each region’s website and Facebook page can be accessed from this page, making it easy to find a pickleball league near you.

2. Global Pickleball Network

Global Pickleball Network is a great resource for finding pickleball leagues nationwide that cater to various skill levels and age groups.

Leagues are divided between ladder leagues and team leagues, and there are a variety of options that you can choose from.

To find the best league for you, make sure to use the handy filters on their website. You can select pickleball leagues based on level, gender, and date. There’s also a search bar that makes it easy to find a specific league if you have one in mind.

Global Pickleball Network members regularly update leagues, so you can be sure you'll find a league that fits your needs.

3. Pickleball Leagues At Local Tennis Clubs

Indoor Tennis Club

As pickleball continues to grow, many tennis courts and facilities around the country are embracing pickleball and allowing players to enjoy the game on tennis courts. Thank goodness pickleball courts are so easy to set up on tennis courts!

Clubs like Brunswick Hills Tennis Center, Chapel Hill Tennis Club, and Palm Beach Tennis & Pickleball Center are examples of tennis clubs where you can play pickleball and find a league that fits your level.

Many tennis clubs throughout the US are launching pickleball leagues and matching players based on level or different age groups. Some of these leagues require upfront commitment, while others are flexible and allow you to drop in and play whenever you have availability.

Depending on where you live, there’s likely a local tennis court where you can find a pickleball league to participate in, which can be a great way to meet new players and get some good competition!

4. Social Sports Leagues With Pickleball

Volo Sports Logo

Social sports leagues are a great place to find pickleball leagues near you! Typically, these organizations will have leagues for a variety of different sports. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation, and many of these social sports organizations now have a wide range of pickleball leagues to choose from!

Zog Sports, Volo Sports, and Pittsburgh Sports League (PSL) all offer pickleball leagues for different levels throughout the year.

Zog Sports & Volo Sports offer pickleball in different cities throughout the US, while local social organizations like Pittsburgh Sports League focus on one specific city.

With pickleball’s expansion, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a social sports league with different pickleball leagues to choose from.

5. Social Media

Pickleball Leagues On Social Media Meetup

Social media is another great place to find pickleball leagues. Reddit’s pickleball subreddit has over 21,000 members eager to share pickleball tips and playing opportunities. You can also search local city subreddits for pickleball leagues. Subreddits like NYC Meetups are used by players to find leagues and places to play.

Facebook is another excellent resource for finding pickleball leagues near you. As mentioned, many pickleball groups have their own Facebook page where they post updates, playing events, and leagues you can join. You can also find public parks with Facebook pages hosting pickleball leagues. Plus, it can be a good way to friend other Facebook users who enjoy pickleball as much as you!

Meetup is an ideal platform for finding pickleball leagues near you. You can easily filter to find a city or town near you. Once there, you’ll want to go to the Health & Wellness or Sports & Fitness sections, where you’ll likely find pickleball leagues you can participate in. There are other categories in the app, like Social, where there may be additional pickleball listings, so check them out!

6. Local Community Websites & Organizations


When looking for a pickleball league, one of the best places to look is in your local area. Many local park and recreation websites list pickleball leagues and other playing opportunities that you can take part in.

Sometimes, pickleball groups or associations host their pages directly on the local community’s website. Cranberry Township Pickleball Association is one of the biggest pickleball groups in the country, and you can find their page on Cranberry Township’s official website.

There’s a good chance you can find some great pickleball leagues by checking the parks and recreation or township website for your local area. Local community organizations are an excellent place to look for more pickleball leagues.

Nonprofits like the YMCA host many pickleball leagues for different levels with locations all around the US. Be sure to check them out!

Finding a pickleball league in your area is a great way to play pickleball and support your local community!

7. USA Pickleball Ambassadors Program

USA Pickleball has a pickleball ambassador program and a website where you can find pickleball ambassadors who volunteer their time to promote pickleball in their local regions and communities. They work with local clubs, recreational facilities, and groups to build pickleball programs for their assigned areas.

USA Pickleball’s website makes it easy to find your local pickleball ambassador and lists their contact information so you can easily reach out. These ambassadors have extensive knowledge of pickleball activities happening in your area and will be able to point you to enjoyable pickleball leagues near you!

8. Major League Pickleball

Major League Pickleball Logo

Once you’re ready to take the next step, Major League Pickleball (MLP) is a great place to find leagues and play at the highest level.

MLP has a leagues section on their website, where you can find upcoming leagues and tournaments on the professional level. Stay consistent, put in the work, and improve your weaknesses, and one day you might get there!

You now have everything you need to find the best pickleball league near you! Pickleball is a great way to stay in shape, and leagues are the best way to keep active while playing pickleball in a more competitive setting. Now go out there and dominate those leagues!

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Break the Love
March 17th 2023
March 17th 2023