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Break the Love
Break the Love
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*Break the Love is reinventing the tennis club for the amateur player - from beginners to the advanced competitive players that share the same respect and love for the game and continue to strive for personal excellence. Unlike your typical tennis club, we were built for players by players to provide a convenient & goal-oriented way for you to play, train, compete and recover with our network of affiliate clubs, pros, and programs paired with our performance technology for you to learn about your game beyond the score and celebrate your progress every step of the way.*



We take the stress out of finding courts and players so you can do what you want to do most, which is focus on your game as much as you can through our rallies or compete with players your level through our round robins & tournaments. Playing, training, and competing never got easier.


Gain a new support network. Partner, hit, and connect with tennis lovers that play with passion, enthusiasm and love. Start training & competing with friends. Make new friends. Find your tribe and a new tennis family.


Unlike your typical league or club, our affiliate clubs, pros, & programs will provide you with insights every time you play beyond just your score and through our app, you can track your personal progress over time whether you rally or are playing a match to level up your game.


Get the energy of a group workout with the attention & inspiration that comes from our experience in-house pros. Each of our pros will push you forward with firm guidance in order for you to get through to a new level of your game without losing the passion during rallies and competitions.


Every time you train or compete at one of our rallies, boot camps, round robins, or tournaments you earn BreakPoints. Push through your hits and challenge yourself and others to gain as many BreakPoints to increase your BreakScore every time you hit the court and earn exclusive member rewards along the way each season. To understand your metrics more, click here but remember your game is your game. We encourage you to push past your boundaries and work hard, but everyone is different and overall, it is most important that you make sure you challenge yourself at the right level for you!

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Break the Love
Break the Love

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