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Break the Love
Break the Love
Best Beginner Racquets

When you are beginning to learn how to play tennis, your choice of racquet is a crucial piece in improving your skills. Here are our pro's choices of the three best options for beginners.

FOR CONTROL: Babolat Boost Aero

Price: $99.00

The Babolat Boost Aero racquet is lightweight and user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for recreational players. The weight makes it easy for beginners to handle the racquet comfortably and generate acceleration on their strokes without losing control over the ball. Players find that this racquet naturally adapts to them on the court. Due to the smaller size of the head, the Boost Aero generates a little less power compared to other racquets on the market. However, the high level of control and maneuverability is what really makes this racquet a great choice for beginners. This racquet is easy to swing, so players are able to practice and perfect their strokes by confidently taking faster swings and can even load the ball with spin! The combination of maximum control and a great feel attract many beginner tennis players to the Boost Aero.

FOR COMFORT: Wilson Clash 108

Price: $229.00

The Wilson Clash 108 is considered a great racquet for beginners because of how comfortable and user-friendly it is. Due to the weight and shape of the racquet, it will not hurt a beginner’s arm as they are perfecting their swing. The larger frame of the racquet allows for a greater area to hit the ball in the “sweet spot” of the racquet. Along with solid ball striking, players also appreciate the power boost they get while using this racquet. A cool feature of the racquet is its ability to hit powerful shots with a shorter backswing. Many agree that it is the ideal racquet for doubles because it is easy to maneuver their serves and volleys. The Clash 108 makes it easy to accelerate through contact while hitting groundstrokes, so the player can hit the ball in a variety of ways. They can generate pace or whip up some topspin without feeling discomfort while hitting big shots. The Clash 108 is certainly arm-friendly, providing an enjoyable experience for the beginner player!

FOR POWER: Head Titanium Ti.S6

Price: $79.95

The Head Titanium Ti.S6’s extra large head size comes with an extra large sweet spot, creating a smaller margin of error for the player when they are hitting the ball. This is crucial for beginners that are learning to keep the ball in the court. The racquet is very light for its size, yet players are able to generate power, spin, and control while being gentle on their elbow. It’s important to note that its light weight does not sacrifice power for stability. Because of its generously sized frame, players can generate maximum power on their strokes without having to worry about losing control of the ball. The Titanium Ti.S6 is well-balanced and powerful, making it perfect for learning the basics of tennis!

With the perfect racquet, we know you’ll be playing like the pros in no time!

Break the Love
Break the Love

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