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Benefits of Group Based Training

While it might make some players nervous to practice or learn a new sport like tennis in front of other people, there are more benefits from training & learning sports in a group based setting over a private according to numerous sport performance groups including the USTA. Here's why:

Learning from others

When you are with other players you can more easily see other's mistakes and learn from them to fix parts of your technique and/or you can pick up new techniques that you many times won't be able to see or get in just an hour long private lesson where a coach is feeding to you.

Leveling Up

When you are with other players in a group with a coach there is usually the ability to level up because not every ball will just come straight back at you especially during the game portion og group clinics which means you learn how to adapt to different types of balls and get to learn how to get more variations of balls back which will help you level up when you play with friends or in matches. With 1:1 private lessons, a coach is typically always going to make sure the ball comes right back to you which meansthat if you do a lot of private lessons, and then try playing with a friend you likely to run into making mistakes moreso because you don't have enough experience with different types of balls.


When players are in a group setting there is typically more accountability to show up & to try to stay truly present in the moment moreso than when in a private session.

More Value

When players join group based clinics or practices over private lessons you are typically able to spend less per hour in the process for the same hour of court time that you would in a private lesson!


When you are in a group setting for training or learning a sport, there is a lot of teamwork to have everyone around you get the ball to stay in play and that teamwork has a lot of benefits for your overal mental and physical wellbeing!


In urban centers where there is a limited amount of courts available for the general public, community based tennis allows these spaces to be better utilized enabling more people to play the sport and better usage & in turn resourcing to help maintain and preserve courts across America!

Have a group of friends you want to get together to learn tennis or want to join a group? Click here to explore all of Break the Love's group tennis programs!

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