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Break the Love
Break the Love

Access New York City Tennis Courts

We are teaming up with Wilson to unlock access to public tennis and recreational spaces making tennis permits free for youth players and subsidized for adults.

This partnership will allow tennis players to book permits directly on the Break The Love platform and give permit holders exclusive content, pro-tips, and free equipment rentals at Wilson’s Flagship store in Soho.

This initiative will open data to digitize, streamline and subsidize the current permit system in NYC for new and seasoned players of all ages. It will help avoid court overcrowding, increase use of underutilized spaces, and provide greater price transparency.

“Currently, you need a permit to play tennis in NYC and this costs on average around one hundred dollars for adults. The system for getting a permit can be confusing and create barriers to entry for everyone from experienced players to those trying to get into the game,” said Trisha Goyal, Co-Founder of Break the Love. “By partnering with Wilson, we are excited to ‘give the gift of game’ providing access for more people to get outdoors and play this sport.”

This partnership is in efforts to create easy access for all and ease of booking so that anyone who wants to play can play. It allows players to stay active and healthy without the complicated paperwork of traditional government parks and recreation systems.

“At Wilson, we’ve already built an incredibly engaged and expansive tennis community, but our goal is to get even more people playing and loving the game,” said Gordon Devin, President and General Manager, Wilson Brand. “By making courts accessible and affordable, we can reach a whole new category of future tennis enthusiasts. We truly hope this initiative brings more families and youth players to the courts of New York City this summer.”

We are on a mission to empower everyday athletes to access sport through technology like this permit system, tennis education, and safety features particularly for women, girls, and minorities in these public play spaces. Through player club drops and anti-bullying initiatives, Break the Love hopes to make tennis a sport accessible by all. With the success of this program in NYC, Break the Love plans to expand similar initiatives to other cities.

You can get access to New York City public tennis courts here.

Break the Love
Break the Love

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