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Break the Love
Break the Love
6 tips to bring your game to the next level

1. Have a diligent practice plan!

It is important to implement a routine to ensure that you use your time effectively as possible! Know before you step on the court what your intention for your practice is!

2. Focus on your footwork!

Footwork is crucial in tennis! Unforced errors can be limited by good footwork. To improve your footwork, try doing ladder drills and jumping rope to get your fast twitch muscles in motion.

3. Train with better players!

Training with better players can improve your timing, footwork, and endurance all at the same time! It is also important to get a feel for different types of pace so getting exposed to a network of players can really step up your game.

4. Play tournaments!

Playing tournaments can get you better experience with live ball play! No can be better than the real thing!

5. Look for your opponent's weakness!

Exploiting your opponents weakness can be a valuable tactic during matches.

6. Eat healthy!

Off court preparation and recovery is so important! Having a clean diet and drinking lots of water will only help your game! Enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle and you’ll find yourself getting to the ball quicker and feeling faster on your feet.

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Break the Love
Break the Love

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