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Break the Love
Break the Love
5 Games to Play Besides a Match

1. Dingles!

Players needed: 4 *Start off playing singles with the person directly across from the court from you aka a cross court rally! *When one person on either side of the court misses it becomes a four person game. *Now instead of two points going on at the same time, all four players are involved in one doubles point! *singles + doubles = DINGLES

2. Team singles!

Players needed: 4 *Choose a partner! *Feed the ball and play out the point individually.
*If you win the first point stay in! If you lose the first point, then rotate with your partner so they get a turn! *Stay in for a max of 3 points! *We recommend to play until one person gets 21 points.

3. Around the world!

Players needed:8+ *Divide an even number of players on both sides of the court. *Feed a ball into play. *The player receiving the feed hits it and runs all the way to the other side of the court. *This continues until somebody misses a ball. *Every player gets 2 lives ie 2 chances to miss until they are out of the game!

4. King & Queen of the court!

Players needed:4+
*Choose one player to be the king/queen of the court! Don’t worry, this isn’t set! *The people on the opposite side of the king/queen feeds or serves the ball into the court. *2 consecutive points must be won to become the new king/queen of the court. *You can play for time or until the queen/king gets a total of 21 points.

5. Ping Pong!

Players needed: 4+
*Divide an even amount of players on both sides of the court. *This game is inspired by ping pong- once a person hits the ball they have to immediately run to the back of the line and let their partner hit the next ball! *Make sure to quickly rotate after hitting your shot! You are only allowed to hit the ball once each turn :) *Play until one team hits 21 first!

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Break the Love
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