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Frequently Asked QuestionsHave more questions? Send us a note at and our team will get back to you shortly!
What is Break the Love?
Break the Love is a mobile tennis club that takes care of all the planning and booking so you don't have to right at the palm of your hand. Unlike other tennis clubs, you no longer have to commit to a league for a whole season long or pay any annual memberships to be part of a premium tennis community to get a rally or match going whenever you want it.

Request rallies or matches as far as 2 weeks in advance and one of our Pros will take care of the rest. You can also access exclusive member-only community competitions and perks.

How is Break the Love different from all of the other tennis apps online?
The Break the Love experience is not just convenient, but is truly personalized for your playing style, preferences, and lifestyle. Our in-house Pros match you up with other members to ensure that you will have a great time on the court, help you navigate the confusing court system in NYC with our court partners, and have your back if you ever forget to bring something that might prevent you from playing.

Break the Love truly is a club rather than an app. We started out as a community of tennis players who wanted a better and more fun way to play and built not just a convenient personalized experience but a true community that players can belong to and feel motivated and excited to play with.

How do I know I will get a player that is my level?
We have a team of Pros who take great pride in finding players who are your level to play with. Our dedicated Pros get it right over half the time ;) However, just in case we want to know how your rally or match went and how we can improve. Every time you play with us, we ask for feedback on both sides to learn and get better at matching you with players you will enjoy playing with. The more feedback you give us the better your next rally or match!

What are Break the Love's service hours?
Your dedicated Pros are ready to serve (via text) 1 hour before and after your scheduled match or rally. Feel free to message us after hours, as we’ll respond first thing in the morning.

Can I only request rallies or matches over text message or do you have an app?
We have an app! Visit to view our web app and book matches without the hassle!

I am not based in NYC. Are you available in any other locations?
Not yet, but we are coming very soon! Feel free to email us where you would like us to come next at We want to move into communities that want and need us!

I'm a tennis club and I think I'd be a great court partner for your platform!
Awesome! Email us at hello@breakthelove.comand our club partnerships team will get back to you shortly!

I'm a brand and want to host an event with your community!
We love brands who love our community! To get involved, email Alissa at

What is your cancellation policy?
In order to cancel or reschedule a Break the Love match, you must contact our concierge at 860-470-6531 by 5 PM the night prior to your match. If you have cancelled your game prior to 5 PM, you will receive a full refund. If you fail to cancel your scheduled match prior to 5 PM the night before you will receive a cancellation fee of half of the given price. If you fail to cancel your match prior to 4 hours ahead of the scheduled court time you will be charged the full given price.

I forgot something and can't play!
Not a problem! Forgetting some gear shouldn't stop you from hitting it out on the court. You can Request Gear from our team. Additional charges will apply.

What happens if the weather isn't cooperating?
Unfortunately, we can’t control weather so our dedicated Pros will provide you with options including but not limited to an indoor court option around the same time or rescheduling for another time.

How long is a booking for singles?
A singles booking is a standard hour.

How long is a booking for doubles?
A doubles booking ranges from 90 minutes to 2 hours based on availability so we can get as many people out on the court.

Can I book singles for longer if I wanted to?
Absolutely! You can by selecting doubles, but please note you will be charged for the entire doubles price.

Can I add a Pro to my singles rally or match to get a better hit in?
Totally! You can add a Pro right before you check out!

What happens if I don't like my member match or my Pro?
After each game you play with us, we will send you a post-play survey (takes less than 1 minute!) to help us get better at matching you up with players and Pros! The more you play and the more feedback you give us the better your matches become.

What happens if I am late?
To respect all customers' time, if you arrive more than five minutes late you may be charged a $5 late fee. When you are late you are cutting into another member's time so please be mindful!

What does the "Book A Pro" feature mean?
All of our "Pros" are former or current competitive college tennis players. If you are looking for a consistent hit, a solid workout, or a competitive match, the Book A Pro feature is for you!

How does the Book A Pro feature work?
When booking a court through the app choose the "Add A Pro" option!

How does your pricing work?
Our pricing is based off of the level of demand depending on the time. We try our best to offer you the best price possible. However, depending on the time/weather pricing can vary.

What happens if all the courts are booked?
If all the courts on the app are booked, text one of our pros at 917-924-4855.

Do you do same day booking?
You can earn rewards to enable same day booking! Click here to learn more.

What if I want to play but I don't have anyone to play with?
No problem! We have tons of members for you to hit with every day.

What if I want to play but I don't like matches?
We are more than happy to pair you with members who would rather rally! Just fill out your player profile so that we know your preferences here.

How do I play for less?
Our most affordable option is member matches!

Want to join the club?

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