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How to Play Tennis this Winter

It’s getting cold and you are running out of ideas about how to play tennis when winter strikes. Don’t worry we have the answer to your million dollar question.

As you probably know tennis is one of the spots that is played during the summer. However, when it comes to winter it becomes a bit difficult. Often times players don’t know what indoor facilities are near them or how they work during this Covid-19 climate. We will go over some tips and instructions about how to navigate playing tennis this fall and possible options for you.

Indoor tennis clubs

Indoor facilities are a good option when you are transitioning to winter because you don’t have to worry about how cold is going to be or just trying to figure out the wait time to get a court. If you have difficulties figuring a facility near you. Try our court finder Most indoor facilities have a reservation system where you can call to get your court by paying for a small fee and when it comes to protocols. Tips about playing in an indoor facility:

Wear a Mask: Indoor tennis clubs are taking a lot of precautions. Our Break the Love's affiliate clubs do temperature checks and have HEPA filters to regulate the air to limiting shower usage, all you have to do is make sure you do your part by wearing a mask when you aren’t on the court. If you are curious about our indoor events. We suggest checking our events tab to stay in the loop about our incoming indoor events. Click here to find out!

No High Fives: Reduce contact with your doubles partner by limiting contact as much as possible. Ways to do that for example, maybe you can try to substitute that high five in between with a racquet tap instead.

Try Paddle Tennis Outdoors

This is a great option because you can play paddle not just during spring or fall but also in the Winter. It’s outdoors and a fun way to get some doubles in. All you have to do is invest in some merino wool layers to keep yourself warm and you are ready to go! Not sure if Paddle Tennis is for you? Learn more about what our Pros have to say here!

By: Ana G Canahuate - Break the Love Coach If you have any questions, feel free to post in our Clubhouse under "Ask a Pro"!

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